By Spencer Tatum

Below are a few fundamental concepts of training and eating that everyone can benefit from:

1. Start with the “Ready, Fire, Aim!” Just get moving! Training and nutrition is always changing. The knowledge of body is always changing. At the Village, we are always looking for new ways and the newest information to improve people’s health and wellness so it’s a good idea to not get caught up in finding the perfect program or diet.

2. Write down your goals and tell them to someone. You will be held more accountable this way. Members always have done this task, and we then discuss successes and challenges in their program every week. Also, set daily, weekly and monthly goals that are achievable. It makes the bigger picture easier to achieve.

3. Train from the ground up and middle to out. Try to perform exercises from a standing position. As Americans, we sit or lay down for about 20 hours out of a 24 hour day. When we sit or lie down, we cause dysfunction in our muscles. Our hip flexors and gluteus tighten up. If our gluteus and hip flexors tighten up, our joints can’t move properly. The muscles dictate how our body is going to move. If our muscles are moving and absorbing the stress from exercise properly, the stress will not go to our joints, and we will get the results we want from our training. Also, we need to train in multiple planes of motion because we live in multiple planes of motion. To perform movement in different planes of motion, we must have a strong middle pillar or core. Core training is not doing 100 sit-ups. The core starts in the middle of our back and ends around the middle of our thighs. The core needs to be trained in different planes of motion, too -- the different planes of motion are Sagittal (Forward and Backward), Frontal (Lateral), and Transverse (Rotational).

4. Mobility before Stability! We are all born with excellent mobility. As we grow, we start losing our mobility due to sitting and not performing mobility work to keep it. If you want to see how to move properly, watch a 2-year-old child move. A 2-year-old can move properly in all directions, even though they may not be as strong as an adult. Most people do not perform any type of foam rolling or stretching. Foam rolling and stretching is a key aspect of having a great training program. One of the best investments a person a can make is a foam roller. A foam roller is a 6-inch-by-3 feet piece of foam that a person rolls up and down on. The roller allows myofascial releases in skeletal muscle. It is like taking the knots out of the rope -- in fact, you could say a form roller is a “poor man’s massage.” It is important to roll before we stretch. The rolling takes the knots out of the muscles before the muscles are lengthened. We must have mobility before we strengthen. When a person lacks mobility and proceeds to perform strengthening exercises, we are then putting a load on dysfunction. When a person puts an external load on a dysfunctional joint or movement, we are setting ourselves up for injury. Our goals in training are to reduce injury and improve performance. Performance can be weight loss or athletic performance.

5. 3 for 3 rule! The 3 for 3 rule is eating a carbohydrate, protein, and fat every 3 hours. Our bodies are like high performance automobiles. We need to put the high octane fuel in it. If you want your body to operate a high level and get the results that you want, one must fuel it properly. A person's metabolism is like a fire, which needs fuel and the right type. The body needs fuel every 3 hours or it goes into starvation mode. Starvation mode of the body hold onto fats and slows down the metabolism rate. Our body is smart and is constantly adapting to its surroundings. Here are a few rules of when it come food choices:

A. Eat more chicken and fish. Americans eat too much red meat as a culture. Lean red meat is great source of protein, but most people do better with chicken and fish. Also, choose non-processed meats. Processed meats like lunch meats, hot dogs, and fast food meats are loaded with chemicals that damage our digestive system and body.
B. Get your carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables. In America, we consume too much bread and simple sugars. Fruits and vegetables are a better source of carbohydrates due to the antioxidants and vitamin levels from them. I am also a fan of eating your carbohydrates in the morning versus at night due to the increased activity level in the morning than the evening.
C. Eat fat to burn fat! The right kinds of fats are much needed in diet. Unsaturated fats are very much needed for fat lost. Examples of unsaturated fats are almonds, avocados, olive oil, etc. These fats also help in lubrication of our joints.

We are excited about helping you change your live!

“Movement is Life!”

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