I have decided to blog about my experience with The Village’s Greatest Loser fitness competition – talking of my likes, challenges, experiences, everything! I have done this competition before, so have a an inkling of what to expect…. But so far, this year’s Greatest Loser program is so organized and wonderful that after only one week I am so jazzed about being involved in this program! My first week I have participated in two group exercises classes and two Greatest Loser meetings, as well as a nutritional meeting. The classes I took were the TRX class and an Interval Training class. TRX was amazing-there was a group of four of us who were challenged by using our own balance and core strength. We really supported each other and cheered each other on-I would not have done so well if I was doing this on my own that’s for sure. The second class I took was Interval Training with one of the trainers-another great class-challenging yet fun. I am noticing that many of the GL participants are really focused on increasing their strength and muscle, not just loosing inches. I have already met members that I would not normally meet (I have been a member for a long time), and am noticing that new members are really getting integrated into the Club because of this program, and the women are especially loving Greatest Loser because they are meeting other like-minded women and developing friendships at the Club. It’s so much fun I had no idea that working out and having a training plan could be so much fun. Stay tuned!

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