It’s here! The time to wear skirts and shorts, sleeveless and short sleeved tops. Time when we are baring much more skin than we did during the winter. This sudden skin exposure can be a little ‘jarring’ – with white legs blaring out from under those skirts, and dry skin needing a re-birth of its own after being subjected to the indoor winter dry air. With summer here, we want to have skin that is glowing, fresh and smooth. To achieve this there are a few skin care steps we can do immediately to shed dead skin. Jackie Washington, licensed esthetician at DC Ranch Village Spa gave us a few quick-fix tips to get our skin looking fantastic and ready for a summer of putting our best face forward!

Since we live in the Sonoran Desert where our gams and arms are exposed 8 months out of the year, it’s important to pay attention to these areas as well as our face. Jackie recommended two quick fixes for these areas;

1) All Over Body Scrub – This is a very easy, yet important step on the road to looking summer fabulous. Using a sugar or salt scrub all over the arms, legs and stomach is one of the best ways to get rid of (aka exfoliate) dead skin, which will instantly provide better absorption of body moisturizers. By sloughing off the dead skin, your fresh new skin is ready to receive the products you put on it. Once your body is exfoliated, any spray tans, bronzers, or moisturizers will apply nicer and absorb better, ultimately giving you a better result! Also, shoulder exposing dresses look better once the dead skin is gone, providing that natural shimmer and shine we all love to have.

2) Another quick, easy fix is to get a spray tan. Once you have exfoliated your body from head to toe, invest a little bit of money in a professional spray tan. The results are immediate, and will instantly get rid of the whiteness-sallow color, giving you that beautiful fresh feel at an inexpensive price. In addition, having a spray tan will keep you focused on an anti-aging regimen, keeping you out of the sun and keeping your skin healthy. Once you have a nice spray tan you will not feel compelled to sit in the sun to achieve a bronzed glow.

Summer-izing the Face:

1) Dermaplaning –this is a process of exfoliating skin cells using a specialized blade. This treatment offers ‘Instantaneous gratification’ because the face is instantly brighter and smoother due to the exfoliation of the dead skin that makes the face look dull and aged. The beauty of dermaplaning is that it offers exfoliation with the bonus of de-fuzzing the face, so your checks, chin and jawline are smooth and free from any hairs or peach fuzz. The primary purpose of dermaplaning is exfoliating dead winter skin cells, exposing a buffed, smooth, glowy face, with better absorption of face product and also less product used, ultimately saving money. Make sure to search out a a licensed esthetician who is trained in dermaplaning for this treatment.

2) Microdermabrasion – Microdermabrasion has all the same benefits of dermaplaning without the de-fuzzing. Microdermabrasion is the process of using a specialized machine that uses tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. This skin smoothing technique still offers instant gratification, and is a lighter version of dermaplaning. Microderm is a better option if you will be back out in the sun the next day.

3) Facial – Who doesn’t love a facial! Get out of hibernating and treat yourself to something nice. A facial is a relaxing, therapeutic skin procedure that also provides many benefits for the face. A nice, general facial will clean out and detox the pores, circulate and improve the blood flow to the skin as well as oxygenate the cells. A professional facial will steam the face (which draws out the impurities), exfoliate and hydrate the skin. Facials are a great treatment to do ‘regularly’ to keep the skin healthy.

4) Refresh your face and feel fresh with an eyebrow wax – if you can’t get a professional facial or a dermaplane, get fresh by cleaning up your eyebrows. This subtle trick will change your look ever so slightly and give your eyes a bright look. Another inexpensive option is getting a lash tint, which will also makes your features pop without breaking the bank.

Jackie’s top tips and focus for achieving beautiful summer skin -

Get rid of that dead skin cell layer–the process of sloughing off this dead skin brings great benefits that we mentioned above, and Jackie notes that if you don’t remove this dead cell layer you will not get proper and/or full absorption of the skin care products you are using at home. She asks her clients all the time - what’s the use of using these products and spending the money- if you don’t exfoliate you’re wasting your money and time.

Also, get professional care as much as you can on a regular basis and then purchase good quality home care products to use in between your professional treatments. This will allow you to consistently provide your skin with the right products to take care of your skin. Remember it’s an ongoing process-but the benefits are worth it!

Jackie Washington is a board certified esthetician at DC Ranch Village Spa with extensive skin care training as well as training with professional grade lines such as Jan Marini, PCA, Eminence (organic) and Phytomere. Contact Jackie at DC Ranch Village Spa at 480.515.5522, or an esthetician at one of the other Village Spas - Camelback Village Spa: 602.553.4917 or Gainey Village Spa: 480.609.6980.

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