On December Tuesday December 11th Paul Apana from the Village Tavern taught a special holiday cooking class. Paul is the manager at the Village Tavern restaurant. He is a regular on Sonoran Living (channel 15) for the past 2 years doing cooking demos. Paul really hit the nail of the head during this class if want a recipe that will impress you friends. Beef Wellington accompanied with asparagus topped with a fresh hollandaise sauce and hints of cinnamon. Be ready to enjoy delicious food accompanied with some wine!

Beef Wellington

Serves 3-4


1 each Beef Tenderloin Cleaned (3-4 lbs.)
5 tbsp Olive Oil
1 cup Onions, minced
2 tbsp Shallots, minced
4 cups Mushrooms
2 tsp Garlic, chopped
¾ cup Red Wine
½ cup Parsley, chopped
½ lb Foie Gras Mousse
1 cup Port Wine Syrup
2 ½ pieces Frozen Puff Pastry
1 egg Beaten with 1 tbsp water

1. In large sauté pan, sear all sides of tenderloin (2-3 minutes) with 3 tbsp of oil (season all sides) / cool down.
2. Heat remaining oil, sauté onions (2 minutes), sauté shallots, garlic, (1 minutes), add processed mushrooms and sautee
3. Add red wine to simmer. Cook for 3-4 minutes until mixture is dry and thick
4. Remove from heat and stir in parsley. Cool. (This is duxelle)
5. Lay out 2 sheets of puff pastry / lay filet near one side of sheet
6. Top filet with duxelle, then foie gras mousse. Wrap tenderloin, sealing all sides.
7. Use remaining pastry to cover holes or make designs
8. Brush the pastry with egg wash
9. Bake 30 – 35 minutes for MR at 350 degrees. Allow to rest for 5 minutes
Port Wine Syrup


1 cup Sugar
2 cups Port Wine


1. In a saucepan, bring port wine and sugar to a boil
2. Simmer for 4 – 8 minutes until thickened
3. Allow to cool. If syrup gets too thick, microwave for 20 seconds
4. Drizzle individual slices with syrup

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