Anna DCR 2012Anna Long’s Story:

My name is Anna Long, I am an energetic and extremely driven seventeen year old. Ever since I was little I have always been involved in different activities including art, music and theatre, but the thing that sparked my interest the most was, and still is, my involvement in sports. From my first ballet lesson as a five year old, to now competing in high school athletics, it has always been my goal and passion to give 100% effort into every practice, game, or competition. Although the desire to give my all has always come natural to me, it wasn’t until I started working with a trainer my freshman year that I began to develop the confidence and courage that changed my perception about myself and even life. This confidence and courage has helped me face fears and overcome many obstacles. Whether it be a tough workout for cross country or an important test at school, I have learned that I am capable of achieving so much more than I ever thought I could. Working with a trainer has helped me understand the importance of developing confidence and a positive mindset so that I am able to accomplish any task before me and achieve the goals I desire to reach.

- Anna Long

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