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William Goudge’s Story:

Taking Control of My Bucket List

After a few major health scares and that movie the “Bucket List”, I started thinking about my own bucket list.

My bucket list includes pure adventure -- backpack rim to rim at the Grand Canyon, climb Kilimanjaro, scuba dive the depths of the Caribbean Sea in search of Spanish galleons, heli-ski the Bugaboos, summit 14-ers in Colorado – you get the picture… I realized if I really wanted to do the things I dreamed about, I needed some help to whip my rear into shape! No more lazy couch potato afternoons of football, popcorn and beer (well maybe just fewer of them).

To help me hit my goals, I enlisted the Village training staff – specifically Cindy Feltman Angulo. Cindy found ways to keep me on track with strength training, teach me key elements of proper nutrition, and understand the importance of stretching for muscle recovery. She found ways to keep me motivated and focused on my end game. I’ve lost 40 lbs and over 15% body fat. I am stronger than ever.

So when I asked my doctor whether climbing Kilimanjaro was possible for me, she told me “Of course you can do it, Bill! Your blood pressure is down, your weight is down, your strength and stamina are up. Get out there and do it!” All because of the quality team and the Village and accountability that is created when you work with a trainer like Cindy.

Now, about that bucket list – all I will say is READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!

- Bill Goudge


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