Stop the Body Bashing

Stop the Body Bashing and instead develop a support system of friends that compliments the way you look. It is quite often for us to engage in conversations with our friends that bashes the way we look, or about how much we ate over the weekend or how we feel fat in our jeans - This type of talk only makes you feel worse about your insecurities. Instead, have conversations about how good you feel, how you pushed hard in your group fitness class and that you felt confident putting on an outfit when you went out over the weekend.

This Village Healthy Tip was brought to you by Dr. Morgan Francis


Dr. Morgan Francis - Spin Instructor

As seen on a Sussex Directories Inc siteDr. Francis is a spin instructor at DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa. She has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology and is currently Therapist that specializes in Body Image and Emotional Eating. She works with clients on improving self-esteem, self-worth, and positive body image with regards to food and fitness. My practice is at Psychological Counseling Services in Scottsdale. For further help or information about these tips feel free to contact me at my office 480-947-5739.

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Dr. Morgan Francis, Psy.D., LAC


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