megan 1 instructorFun Facts You May Not Know About Kathy:

  • She is one of 6 kids
  • She has 3 of her own and is currently expecting her 4th….. must run in the family
  • She grew up in Sunny San Diego and for some crazy reason moved here in 1995 and hasn’t returned home…
  • She can shake her eyeballs… yep, its Weird!
  • She has been referred to as “The Queen of heat” by her hot yoga students.
  • She can design a mean elementary school yearbook.
  • She sat amongst wild brown grizzly bears this summer in Alaska and wasn’t scared!!!
  • She has a deep love affair with rainy days.
  • She is obsessed with live music.


What’s the best part about teaching?

I love to see a student “get it”. To see the shift in them as a class progresses and then to see the change in them by the time they roll up their mat and leave the class.

How long have you been teaching?

4 years… it feels like much longer!!!

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened in your class?

I had a woman practice an entire yoga class wearing sunglasses. They never fell off, it was impressive.

How would you describe your class?

Hmmm- Hot Yoga I would say HOT, disciplined and challenging. Flow yoga- Loving, aligned and fun.

Do you have a favorite song to play in class?

Lots! I am a music junkie! Depends on the mood of the class. There is a lovely song that works well toward the end of a class called “I have loved you wrong” by Swell Season. It gives me goosebumps everytime!

If you could say something to encourage someone to try your class for the 1st time what would it be?

You have nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain. Be open to the possibility that you might love this! One yoga class 13 years ago changed the course of my entire life. You have to be willing to try!

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