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Although our bodies are a true marvel of evolution, there are many moving variables and sometimes the systems within our bodies can get out of control. When we see our image in pictures or a mirror, we often want to improve something. It could be the shoulders that hinge forward, a neck that disappeared inside the shoulders, or the overall posture. How did this happen? How did we lose our height and fitness shape and become less active? Is it because of past injuries or a work schedule that is too demanding? There is probably a combination of things that have brought this about, and there is no simple answer to it.

Mat and Reformer Pilates are beneficial for building strength in your core and small muscle groups. Both modalities train you to initiate from your core — otherwise known as your center or your ‘powerhouse.’ You can do the same series of exercises for Mat and reformer Pilates, to help workidifferent muscularity. Mat uses your own body weight for exercises, while the reformer adds resistance using spring tension.

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